SONY Home Cinema | Wireless Rear Speakers |5.1ch | HT-S40R
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SONY Home Cinema | Wireless Rear Speakers |5.1ch | HT-S40R

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For an exceptional audio experience, a combination of soundbar, subwoofer and wireless rear speakers deliver a dynamic surround sound that fills your room. For even fewer wires in your living room, you can send audio to your home theatre system wirelessly Feel and hear the action all around you, as sound travels behind you and draws you into the movie experience. Hear all the vividness and richness of your favorite music in fine detail.
  • SKUHT-S40R
  • BrandSony
  • Meza EligibleMeza Eligible
  • BrandSONY
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  • Eligible For Tamara InstallmentEligible For Tamara Installment