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7R IV 35mm full-frame camera with 61.0MP
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7R IV 35mm full-frame camera with 61.0MP

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<ol> <li class="p3"><span class="num">1</span><span class="note in_context">Approximate effective pixels.</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-2"></a><span class="num">2</span><span class="note in_context">Sony test conditions.</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-3"></a><span class="num">3</span><span class="note in_context">Expandable to ISO 50 to 102400 for stills.</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-4"></a><span class="num">4</span><span class="note in_context">CIPA standards. Pitch/Yaw shake only. Planar T* FE 50mm F1.4 ZA lens. Long exposure NR off.</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-5"></a><span class="num">5</span><span class="note in_context">NTSC/PAL</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-6"></a><span class="num">6</span><span class="note in_context">No.1 electronic viewfinder (EVF) device manufacturer for digital still cameras which employ EVF. Based on Sony research - April 2018 to March 2019 (over 50% market share).</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-7"></a><span class="num">7</span><span class="note in_context">Up to 10 fps in continuous “Hi+” mode, and up to 8 fps in continuous “Hi” mode. Maximum fps will depend on flash and camera settings.</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-8"></a><span class="num">8</span><span class="note in_context">ISO 100 equivalent, with F2.0 lens in the AF-S mode.</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-9"></a><span class="num">9</span><span class="note in_context">Compared with α7R III. Sony test conditions.</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-10"></a><span class="num">10</span><span class="note in_context">In JPEG (Extra fine / Fine) or compressed RAW data mode.</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-11"></a><span class="num">11</span><span class="note in_context">Will be activated when [Tracking] is set in the [Focus Area] menu. When [Animal] is selected as a detectable subject, Real-time Tracking cannot be activated.</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-12"></a><span class="num">12</span><span class="note in_context">For using this function, it is necessary to choose “Animal” mode from “Subject Detection” menu from “Face/Eye AF Set.”</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-13"></a><span class="num">13</span><span class="note in_context">Depending on shooting scene and subject condition, performance may not be fully effective.</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-14"></a><span class="num">14</span><span class="note in_context">Models sold in some countries/regions support IEEE 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz) wireless LAN only. 5GHz communication may be restricted in some countries and regions.</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-15"></a><span class="num">15</span><span class="note in_context">Movie files cannot be transferred. FTP transfer is not available during movie recording.</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-16"></a><span class="num">16</span><span class="note in_context">Rear curtain sync is not available with optical wireless flash units.</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-17"></a><span class="num">17</span><span class="note in_context">Does not support full functional compatibility with some camera models. See the Sony support site for details: <a class="linkified" href="http://www.sony.net/disoft/help" target="_blank" rel="noopener">https://www.sony.net/disoft/help</a></span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-18"></a><span class="num">18</span><span class="note in_context">Please contact Phase One regarding all inquiries as to usage and support including functional compatibility of Capture One Express (for Sony) and Capture One Pro (for Sony).</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-19"></a><span class="num">19</span><span class="note in_context">The Imaging Edge (Remote/Viewer/Edit) desktop application is required for compositing. Image compositing may not be successful if camera or subject movement causes blur. The use of a tripod is recommended, as is the use of PC tethered control or a remote commander (when PC tethered control is not being used) where possible. Uncompressed RAW and silent mode are automatically selected for Pixel Shift Multi shooting. Some restrictions apply to flash and other devices. Refer to the Sony support site for details. <a class="linkified" href="http://www.sony.net/psms/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">http://www.sony.net/psms/</a></span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-20"></a><span class="num">20</span><span class="note in_context">19,008 x 12,672 pixels</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-21"></a><span class="num">21</span><span class="note in_context">Not guaranteed to be 100% dust and moisture proof.</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-22"></a><span class="num">22</span><span class="note in_context">When [APS-C/Super 35mm] is set to [On], the angle of view will be the same as approx. 1.6 times the focal length indicated on the lens. The angle of view for the XAVC S 4K movies in 30p format becomes approx. 1.8 times.</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-23"></a><span class="num">23</span><span class="note in_context">Approximately 20MP (6K) data</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-24"></a><span class="num">24</span><span class="note in_context">HDR (HLG) compatible TV required</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-25"></a><span class="num">25</span><span class="note in_context">In continuous “Hi+” mode, and up to 8fps in continuous “Hi” mode. Maximum fps will depend on camera settings.</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-26"></a><span class="num">26</span><span class="note in_context">The LCD screen is turned on, shot once every 30 seconds, operate zoom alternately between W and T ends, flash strobe once every two times, turn power off and on once every ten times.</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-27"></a><span class="num">27</span><span class="note">This product is also known as ILCE-7RM4/BQAF1, ILCE-7RM4/BQAP2</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-28"></a><span class="num">28</span><span class="note">Actual colour and dimension may differ from the screen image.</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-29"></a><span class="num">29</span><span class="note">Colours &amp; features of the product shown may differ by model and country.</span></li> <li class="p3"><a name="fn-30"></a><span class="num">30</span><span class="note">Services availability depends on region. A part or whole of software/services installed into or accessible through the product may be changed, discontinued, removed, suspended, or terminated without notice.</span></li> </ol> <p><span style="display: none;">description</span></p>
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