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    Delivery and Installation

    Delivery and Installation

    Quality, Value and Prompt Delivery!

    We will have your favorite electronic products delivered right from store directly to your door. For free!

    For your convenience, we deliver to locations within Riyadh, you can store multiple delivery addresses like “My Home” and “My Office”, and we will make sure that your favorite electronic products come directly to your address of choice. Just make sure your address details are entered accurately & anything you buy will be delivered right to your preferred location.

    What we will install

    TV & Video / Audio & MP3

    • 3D TVs
    • LED TVs
    • TV Stands
    • Mounts & Brackets
    • All-In-One Home Theatre Systems
    • Blue-Ray Home Theatre Systems
    • Sound Bars

    Before we arrive,

    Please make sure you are at home (or another adult over 18 is at home) at the time of the visit. We would also need to have clear access to the area you want your new product installed, and that it fits in that area.

    On the day we arrive for installation we will:

    • Deliver your product and unpack it for you.
    • Install your new product.
    • Test the product to ensure there are no faults.

    If you have any further questions on our Delivery & Installation services please Contact Us with your query.