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Gaming Chairs /Cougar Armor One Orange | Gaming Chair (180º Reclining and Height Adjustment) |Orange
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Cougar Armor One Orange | Gaming Chair (180º Reclining and Height Adjustment) |Orange

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"The Throne of Gamers
COUGAR ARMOR is the perfect seat for professional level gamers. This swiveling gaming chair is a fully adjustable throne that will satisfy the most demanding gamers. With a steel frame and high quality components for extra durability and loads of options to fine tune it to your needs, COUGAR ARMOR is ready for battle.
Unparalleled Comfort
COUGAR ARMOR brings you the comfort you need to fully enjoy long gaming sessions. Fully adjustable and made of first quality materials, this gaming chair features as well the unique COUGAR design that has become a sign of the passion for gaming.

Body-embracing High Back Design
Endowed with ergonomic design created especially for gamers, COUGAR ARMOR has been created to comfortably support your body. Its high back structure will properly support your lower back, minimizing tension on your back.

Breathable PVC Leather
COUGAR has not skimped on quality materials when it comes to ARMOR’s surface. The breathable PVC leather is pleasant to the touch and will stay fresh while you keep gaming."

  • SKUTM-CHCG-0459
  • BrandSony
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